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Swing Ideas - September
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Swing Trade of the Week
Ken Matsumoto - Sept 28, 2006 - SIRF: Setting up nicely for a continuation of its current downtrend. Stock broke through support of a recent sideways trading range, and has since consolidatet creating a possible setup for further downside. Look to go short at ...Trading Ideas - Read More

Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Sept 28, 2006 - At this point, our poor NDX is being dragged by the nose. No one wants to be short when the INDU breaks its highs. CNBC will throw a big party and the tide will probably raise all boats. I think that is what people are afraid of now and the reason for the market acting weird... Read More

S & P 500 - Keep an Eye on Rising Wedge
Dan Zanger - Sep 27, 2006 - A break into new highs on this index is good, as is the close near the high of the day. Hopefully the Rising Wedge that you see here does not play a role as a break above the Wedge is a technical sell....Trading Ideas - Read More

Daily Swings
Larry Swing - Sept 27, 2006 - Stock Picks - Daily Long (STX HUM) and Short (ALKS KR FDC) Potential Swing Candidates ... SwingTracker Scans...Trading Ideas - Read More

RIMM - Ready to Break into New Highs
Dan Zanger - Sep 26, 2006 - This stock is ready to break into new highs and might just do that on earnings that are due out this Thursday. While new highs is a technical buy point, I would be careful as this stock has already had a very big run off the lows. See chart for addtional notes....Trading Ideas - Read More

BDC - Vacilating and Holding its Breakout Trendline
Dan Zanger - Sep 25, 2006 - After a breakout this stock is vacilating and holding its breakout trendline as it should. Stops would be at $36. See prior notes on chart...Trading Ideas - Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Sept 25, 2006 - Any pull back at this point is still bound to stay within the trading channel that is on the daily basis chart, which means not much potential. A break to the upside, however, has more potential since it is in the direction of the overall trend. If the NDX breaks below the 1615 level after bouncing back up, it will complete a top and we will have a quick pull back... Read More

ICE - Might Try To Turn Up!
Dan Zanger - Sep 21, 2006 - This stock might try to turn up at anytime and if it does then this would create a nice looking Bull Flag...Trading Ideas - Read More

Swing Trade of the Week
Ken Matsumoto - Sept 21, 2006 - INTU: Stock surged to new all-time highs with a series of bullish candles. Stock has since traded at the upper end of the bullish breakout, representing a consolidation and possible setup for further upside Look to go long at ...Trading Ideas - Read More

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CRE - Coming Out of Channel
Dan Zanger - Sep 19, 2006 - Tight lower channels such as this one are common in this market and here we see this stock starting to come out of channel now. Buy point is when the stock moves over the line...Trading Ideas - Read More

SNDK - Could Use a Rest
Dan Zanger - Sept 18, 2006 - This stock could use a rest after a 50% move off its lows, but if the market wishes, this stock just might be on the move again. Next buy point is when the stock makes a move above the trendline at $60... Trading Ideas - Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Sept 18, 2006 - From a technical standpoint, we have a new up trend. A normal up trend after such a strong down trend, like the one we had in the first part of the year, would only bring us up to the 1590 level. We did stop there, for a while, as expected, but then broke the resistance. This puts us in strange territory, the next resistance level is 1677. Basically, that means that the whole down trend is going to be undone by a new up trend... Read More

Swing Trade of the Week
Ken Matsumoto - Sept 14, 2006 - WEBX: Stock surged to new all-time highs with a bullish green candle, then traded today at the upper end of the bullish breakout candle, representing a consolidation and possible setup for further upside. Look to go long at ...Trading Ideas - Read More

GOOG - A Few Days of Rest Needed
Dan Zanger - Sept 13, 2006 - A few days of rest would be excellent before this mover tries to move above the horizontal trendline shown in chart. Buy point is when the upper line is crossed on good volume at $393.50... Trading Ideas - Read More

GOOG - Needs Super Earnings to Get Going
Dan Zanger - Sept 12, 2006 - This has been such a tough stock to play since it topped back in December of this year. Lots of horizontal work over the past 4-weeks is encouraging, but this stock needs super earnings to really get going... Trading Ideas - Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Sept 11, 2006 - Last week, the market was trading at a 3 level of tradability, based on a 10 point scale. As volume increases and trends carry more, I hope to see the market more along the 7 level. Remember to trade light when the market is light and only trade heavy when the market is flowing well... Read More

CIEN - we could see a move toward the support
Casey Murphy - Sep 3, 2006 - The bulls were unsuccessful in trying to push the price of CIEN above a medium-term resistance level, which means that we could see a move toward the support that is currently at $3.15...Trading Ideas - Read More

Monthly Market Recap - Sept 5, 2006 - The Macro weekly uptrend is still bullish, the longer term trend is now up, but the market is in a larger sideways range below the General Resistance Area. The short term trend is up however with the overbought conditions and prices near the General Resistance Area on the Daily chart... Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Sept 5, 2006 - The indexes have broken above resistance last week. If this is confirmed this week, after the holiday has passed, we may be in the continuation of the up trend. Make sure you wait for the confirmation, since moves made on low volume should not be trusted as much. The market looks like it is ready for a rotation into a defensive position ... Read More

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