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Charts of the Week - February Issue
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The QQQQ Report for February 26th - March 2nd
Casey Murphy - Feb 26, 2007 - QQQQ - the past week was dominated by the bulls as they sent the QQQQ back toward its January highs of $45.50. It will be interesting to see whether the bulls will be able to push the index above this resistance and end the period of consolidation, or if the bears will extend Friday's loss and send the QQQQ back toward its 100-day moving average...Trading Picks - Read More

Trading Lesson of the Day
Nirvana Systems - Feb 23, 2007 - ANSS: Reward:Risk Ratio - Assessing a Trades Potential. When looking at a stock to buy, we need to analyze the chart to see how far it is likely to go up and also how much of a loss we are willing to take to allow it to reach it's profit potential...Trading Picks - Read More

BJ's Wholesale Club Inc- BJ - Break out of Trading range
Casey Murphy - February 22, 2007 - BJ - break out of its confined trading range suggests the end of its sideways momentum. BJ has traded between the support and resistance of $25.50 and $33 since mid 2005, but today's 52-week high has put an end to this consolidation and traders will now watch for a move higher...Trading Picks - Read More

The QQQQ Report for February 19th - February 23rd
Casey Murphy - Feb 19, 2007 - QQQQ - continues to travel between $43.50 and $45.50. Traders looking to enter the market may be comforted by the nearby support of the 100 DMA, which could be a short-term catalyst that will send the QQQQ back toward the top end of its confined range...Trading Picks - Read More

Allstate Corp- ALL - Under broken trendline
Casey Murphy - February 15, 2007 - ALL - several resistance levels are suggesting that the bulls will have a difficult time pushing the stock back above its broken trendline. Technical factors suggest that the $62.50 level will act as strong resistance...Trading Picks - Read More

Trading Lesson of the Day
Nirvana Systems - Feb 12, 2007 - DRIV: Fibonacci Retracement Levels - Using Retracement Levels in Your Trading. Fibonacci Retracement Levels are one of the most powerful (and underused) tools available to traders. These measurements are of great use with any market that is reasonably liquid...Trading Ideas - Read More

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The QQQQ Report for February 12th - February 16th
Casey Murphy - Feb 12, 2007 - QQQQ - RSI indicator's negative divergence continues to be a factor that is causing many traders to question the conviction of the longer-term uptrend. We believe that the 100 DMA is still an adequate short-term target as the QQQQ continues its consolidation...Trading Picks - Read More

Graco Inc- GGG - Support of a long-term trendline
Casey Murphy - February 8, 2007 - GGG - is nearing the support of a long-term trendline. Many traders will pay close attention to this trendline because a move below it would be a technical indication of a reversal in the long-term uptrend...Trading Picks - Read More

The QQQQ Report for February 5th - February 9th
Casey Murphy - Feb 5, 2007 - QQQQ - Relative Strength Index has been creating a series of new lows while the QQQQ has continued to move sideways. This negative divergence is another technical sign of traders' lack of conviction of a move higher...Trading Picks - Read More

Boeing Co- BA - The Bullish Momentum
Casey Murphy - February 1, 2007 - BA - highlighted are several price levels that will be used by traders to give themselves an idea of where this stock could find support in the event of a pullback. The first area of short-term support is near $85...Trading Picks - Read More

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