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Charts of the Week - April Issue
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Williams %R and Stochastics
Larry Swing - Apr 28, 2006 - We like to use the Williams %R in combination with the Stochastics; we believe that together they give much more reliable signals...Trading Picks - Read More

Keep an eye on Brocade Communication Systems Inc (NASDAQ: BRCD)
Andy Swan - Apr 28, 2006 - BRCD has broke outside of its up trend and is now trading sideways with consistent support at 6...Trading Picks - Read More

A Win-Win for Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ: WYNN)
Andy Swan - Apr 27, 2006 - WYNN has been up trending for quite some time now. The stock has recently been in consolidation mode with support at 75 and resistance at 80, likely taking a break before going higher...Trading Picks - Read More

Attractive Valuations
Larry Swing - Apr 27, 2006 - Based on our analysis of investment returns, long-term growth, recent growth, growth projections, stock ownership, and valuations, we believe Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. is undervalued...Trading Picks - Read More

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) Reversal??
Andy Swan - Apr 26, 2006 - INTC has not been performing so well the past 5 months or so. Following a sizable downside gap, the stock entered into a down trend... INTC made a positive move back to the down trend line...Trading Picks - Read More

Good Management Driving Strong Returns
Larry Swing - Apr 25, 2006 - The executives at Leucadia have done a tremendous job of creating shareholder value by buying substantial stakes in undervalued securities...Trading Picks - Read More

A look at Apollo Group Inc (NASDAQ: APOL)
Andy Swan - Apr 25, 2006 - The stock has pretty much been all over the place, trading between 50.50 and 54.50. As of late, APOL has show very consistent support at 52.50....Trading Picks - Read More

Stochastic Reversal
Larry Swing - Apr 24, 2006 - After falling sharply early this month, SFD regained some of its earlier losses as it recovered in a rounding bottom...Trading Picks - Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Apr 24, 2006 - The market, again, unable to break the 1750 highs, has pulled back. The NDX, NASDAQ 100 index, made another attempt at breaking above the 1750 resistance level. It was unable to do so, met with serious selling and pulled back. By doing so, it actually created a double top on the chart. This could mean the beginning of a longer term down trend. If we break below the low of 04/17/2006, the 1684 level, it will confirm the down trend... Read More

Bullish Fundamentals
Larry Swing - Apr 20, 2006 - Based on our analysis of long-term growth, recent growth, growth projections, institutional trading, and valuations, we believe MTLG is likely to appreciate in price relative to other similar companies...Trading Picks - Read More

Earnings Report Breakout
Larry Swing - Apr 18, 2006 - INFY broke out to new five-year highs Monday...Trading Picks - Read More

Stochastic Reversal
Larry Swing - Apr 17, 2006 - After falling nearly every day for over a month, OIIM jumped over 8% on very high volume Friday...Trading Picks - Read More

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Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Apr 17, 2006 - The market pulled back down to support levels. If it continues the move up, it will confirm support levels and the next up trend. If it starts moving to the long side, it will start on the second wave up of a breakout - it will start a major up swing that could take weeks or months... Read More

Stochastic Reversal
Larry Swing - Apr 13, 2006 - CEPH has bullish MACD and stochastic signals...Trading Picks - Read More

Stochastic Reversal and MACD Crossover
Larry Swing - Apr 11, 2006 - BCRX exhibited bullish MACD and stochastic signals when the stock rose on high volume Monday...Trading Picks - Read More

Stochastic Reversal
Larry Swing - Apr 10, 2006 - TRB fell nearly every day from March 17th until April 6th...Trading Picks - Read More

Weekly Market Recap - April 9, 2006 - The longer term trend is up...we do note a potentially bearish sign with the market reversing off of intraday Multi-Year highs and closing below the 20 day EMA. We will continue to watch market action around the 20 EMA closely for clues as to the sustainability of the current Daily uptrend... Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Apr 10, 2006 - As we talked about on Friday, the 1750 proved to be mighty resistance for the NDX on Friday. It gapped up in what we call and exhaustion gap and then pulled back... Read More

Stochastic Reversal
Larry Swing - Apr 6, 2006 - We believe that a reversal of at least some of the recent decline is likely...Trading Picks - Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Apr 3, 2006 - The overall effect is still positive, we did break resistance and established an up trending channel. The market will now have a tendency to swing back and forth between support and resistance... Read More

Monthly Market Recap - Apr 3, 2006 - The Macro weekly uptrend is still bullish, the longer term trend is up. Market pulled back to test the 20 day EMA and reversed with a bullish breakout candle. We will keep an eye on the recent bottom for intermediate support to the current uptrend. The short term trend is now sideways to down ... Day Trading services logged in a great month of trading. Gains on the month totaled 43.00% for 20.73 in point profits. This now pushes our monthly averages up to 36.37% for 14.10 points... Read More

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