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Bankrupt Firms
Larry Swing - Sep 12, 2004 - In a study published in the Financial Analysts Journal, Allen Michel, Israel Shaked, and Christopher McHugh analyze the performance of firms that emerge from bankruptcy. They found that these firms systematically overstate their expected performance... Read More

Technical Patterns Fuzzified
Larry Swing - Sep 5, 2004 - Systems built with fuzzy logic have the ability to analyze in a fashion that is reflective of the human cognitive process. Fuzzy Logic understands statements that are not certain. As a result, it is more useful than traditional logical processes when data is vague or ambiguous... Read More

Insider Transactions
Larry Swing - Aug 22, 2004 - Transactions which represented only a small fraction of total holdings, and were small in share terms were followed by significantly positive abnormal returns... Read More

Incentive Issues in Finance, Sector Analyses
Larry Swing - Aug 15, 2004 - Did investment banks provide unbiased research, or, as the SEC alleged, were analyses contaminated by conflicts of interest?.. Read More

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IPOs; Index, Sector, Stock Analyses
Larry Swing - Aug 8, 2004 - Much research has been done on the performance of IPOs. Generally, the research finds that IPOs under-perform generally, and especially near their lockup expiration... Read More

NASDAQ, Sector, Stock Analyses
Larry Swing - Aug 1, 2004 - The NASDAQ rebounded, dipped, and rebounded again. The second time upwards, it broke the high of the first rebound; as a result, it has completed a bullish double bottom pattern... Read More

NASDAQ, Sector, Stock Analyses
Larry Swing - Jul 25, 2004 - The NASDAQ's failure to hold support is a very bearish sign for the index, especially after it failed to follow through with the bull flag's breakout. We are moderately bearish on the index. Read More

ETF Analyses
Larry Swing - Jul 18, 2004 - Feed forward neural networks are the more commonly used type in finance. This type of neural network is first trained to associate inputs with outputs, then is given a set of inputs, and predicts the output... Read More

Artificial Neural Networks, Analyses of ETFs and stocks
Larry Swing - Jul 11, 2004 - Artificial Neural Networks mimic biological synaptic processes. Like a brain, they learn from experiences which alter the connections between the (artificial) neurons... Read More

Larry Swing - Jul 4, 2004 - A recent study by Christian L. Dunis and Mark Williams explores the profitability of NNR in FX trading in comparison to the profitability of other strategies. The authors conclude that Neural Networks are indeed a powerful tool; they built a strategy that returned (in their holdout sample) an annualized 29.68% and a Sharpe ratio of 2.57. Read More

Education, Analysis, and Key Levels
Larry Swing - Jun 27, 2004 - In trading, two rules holds true:
1. There is more than one way to make money.
2. The ways that are best for making money tomorrow will not be the same as those that are best for making money today.
Read More

Equity Analyses
Larry Swing - Jun 20, 2004 - The biotechnology sector has formed a potential head and shoulders top... The pharmaceutical sector has been consolidating between well defined support and resistance levels. A break above resistance would be very bullish... Read More

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